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Making Hashish

Hash (also called hashish) is made from the sticky substance (trichomes) found on marijuana.

Some hash production methods are thousands of years old and have been passed on from generation to generation.

Making hash

Traditional methods

Hash (also called hashish) is made from the sticky substance (trichomes) found on marijuana. Some methods are thousands of years old.

The strength, smell and other properties of the hash depend on the plant’s genetics. It is made in various different ways, but the process is always completely natural and does not include the use of chemical additives. Illustrations of these methods can be seen in the museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona, along with different kinds of hash-making equipment.

Making hash with a sieve

Most types of hash are made by rubbing dried plants over a very fine mesh. The trichomes then fall through the sieve, separating them from the plant matter. The collected resin glands are then worked with heat and pressure to form a coherent mass of hashish. Sieved hash tends to be harder and denser than hand-rubbed hash, as it is often mechanically pressed; it can vary from light brown and dry to very black and sticky.

Making hash by hand

Charas is made by rubbing the hands over the flowers of living female plants, to detach trichomes (tiny resin glands which produce the plant’s active components) from the flowers. The resin is then scraped from the palms and compressed by hand into a homogenous ball. It is usually dark brown or black, slightly sticky and soft at room temperature.

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