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Our unique collection is on display in two locations: a canal house in downtown Amsterdam and a Modernista palace in Barcelona.

Here you will find information about using our images, press visits and requests.

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Photo: Derrick Bergman.


Images and Permissions

Many of the images on the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum website are available for reproduction. Permission is required for any (non)-commercial reproduction, public display, or distribution in any format, whether digital or print. Images must be reproduced with notice of attribution.

ben dronkers

Press inquiries

Visits & Requests

Contact us in Amsterdam or Barcelona for interviews with our experts, for information on our collection, and our events and exhibitions.

ben dronkers

What others say

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“It should be on every cannabis lover’s must see list.”

Mikki Norris

activist for drug policy reform

Mikki Norris

© Adriana Domínguez

“The museum is very beautifully done.”

Sir Richard Branson

investor and philanthropist

© Derrick Bergman

“Enlightening exhibitions in a beautiful setting.”

Michka Seeliger-Chatelain

author and publisher

Michka Seeliger-Chatelain

© Sensi Seeds

“An exquisite gem encapsulating the essence of cannabis.”

Ed Rosenthal

Author and horticulturist


© Tonya Perme

“An educational and elating experience.”

Ellen Komp

deputy director of California NORML

Ellen Komp

© Amanda Holguin

“A world class museum, a fitting tribute to the proud history of cannabis.”

Chris Conrad

author and expert witness

Chris Conrad

© Adriana Domínguez

“Beautiful, inspirational, and educational.”

Jodie Emery

civil liberties advocate

jodie emery

© Ariane Laezza

“Delighted and very impressed.”

Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice

author and activist

Howard Marks

© Frédéric Reglain

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