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Costa del Hash

Over two weeks in the summer of 1977, more than 4000 kilos of yellow Lebanese hash mysteriously washed up on the southern beaches of the Netherlands. The Dutch jokingly renamed the coastal region the Costa del Hash. The manager of a beach bar was one of the first people to find a bag full of hashish. “Yes, when you hold it in your hands, you think for a moment that it could perfectly make up for a bad summer season. A sunbather told me that I had to sell it under the counter, but of course your common sense prevails.” Although they would rather hand the bag over to the police than get rich off it, the manager and his wife were still impressed by the fortune they had stored in a corner of their bar. “We’ve never had a quarter of a million here,” regretted his wife.

Many of the images on the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum website are available for reproduction. Please contact us for more information.

Costa del Hash

Poet Johanna Kruit and her daughter Marit look at the Costa del Hash sign, 1977. © Jaap Wolterbeek

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