In Drugs We Trust

In Drugs We Trust
An evening on the marriage between psychoactive substances and religious experiences

For some dancing until sunrise on XTC can be a spiritual experience, while others consider cannabis a holy plant. Opening your mind with the hallucinogenic drink ayahuasca or with peyote can generate a level of mindfulness not experienced before. Thanks to cannabis, Sadhus (Indian holy men) get closer to their gods. Psychoactive drugs that enhance religious or spiritual experiences or practices are a global and cross-cultural phenomenon, both historically and in current times. For a religious high, people trust in drugs.

The contemporary public debate on drugs is usually focused on recreational consumption and legal issues, but with the recent prohibition of ayahuasca, psychoactive substances in spiritual experiences are the talk of the town. On 6 November you can explore which role drugs play in the spiritual world.

The evening is a multisensory event, with talks, video, music, and a mystical ambiance. It takes place in the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Chris Bennett (CAN) is one of the foremost authorities on the history of cannabis and will share in a video his insights into the religious role for cannabis in a variety of ancient and modern religions. Professor of American Religious History and Cultures Gary Laderman (USA) explains that psychoactive drugs are so ubiquitous in our lives for reasons we may not fully appreciate. Writer, lecturer and activist Arno Adelaars (NL) takes us to the world of ayahuasca use in a spiritual setting and, therewith, to questions about freedom of cultural expression. Artist Melanie Bonajo (NL) will talk about and show her film about ayahuasca and psychedelic plant medication, Night Soil #1/ Fake Paradise. Television-journalist/producer Steven Kompier is the host of the evening.

In Drugs We Trust is organized by the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum and  Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam. The first has been collecting cannabis culture and presenting it in museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona since 1985. Poppi will become the first drugsmuseum in Amsterdam and will stimulate visitors to view drugs and drug use from different perspectives.

Tickets: Regular EUR 9.50, Students EUR 7.50 (with student card), available online or at the door.

When: 6 November 2019, 20:00h (doors open at 19:30h)

Where: Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN Amsterdam

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