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Weed of Wonder

Discover why Cannabis history is your history in the new publication Weed of Wonder.

“Plants are important in human cultures, but are far too often neglected. What a joy Weed of Wonder is, chronicling the significance of cannabis since its first use as a nutritious foodstuff. This is a strikingly beautiful and informative book.”

Professor Simon L. Lewis, University College London and author of The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene.

Book Launch

Weed of Wonder

On the 25th of June, our Amsterdam venues – the Museum and the Hemp Gallery – hosted the launch of Weed of Wonder. What began as a seed of inspiration in 2017 has flowered into a gorgeous book that we can’t wait to share with you.

To further bring the history of cannabis alive, the curator of our Museum has created a walking tour around Amsterdam. Significant places that feature in Weed of Wonder are marked with QR codes which lead to stories and photos about each landmark. 

Can’t get to Amsterdam? You can still enjoy the tour online here.

About the book

This landmark book from the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum charts the intimate relationship between the Cannabis plant and humankind, from our hunter-gatherer past to our sophisticated present, exploring the crucial role played by both hemp and ‘weed’.

Weed of Wonder is the result of more than four years of in-depth research and photography. Unprecedented access to Museum founder Ben Dronkers’ collection of over 9000 cannabis-related artefacts has resulted in a fresh view of the plant’s history.

Why a new book on Cannabis?

Legal cannabis is slowly becoming international. Old-school cannabis activism now exists alongside a billion dollar industry. CBD, the ‘wellness cannabinoid’, is changing the perception of the plant and mainstreaming its use beyond the wildest dreams of yesteryear’s recreational consumers. Hemp researchers are finding innovative solutions to some of the challenges posed by the ongoing climate crisis and the urgent need for genuinely sustainable resources. 

Weed of Wonder describes in detail how Cannabis has contributed to our social-economic evolution, and the role it could play in our future. It’s been a part of developing medicine, travel, textiles, and industry to such an extent that no matter who you are or what you do, hemp and cannabis have played a part in your life in some way. 

In short, if Cannabis was a person, this would be the ultimate biography.  

Bridging the gap between specialist reference work and coffee-table photobook, Weed of Wonder is an engaging way to explore and understand both the current cultural shifts and covers the historical prejudices surrounding the plant. From medicinal breakthroughs to prohibition breakdowns, from invaluable industrial hemp to rarefied recreational use, it’s all here.

Weed of Wonder
Published by the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum
Hardcover, 288 pages, over 300 images in full colour
English – € 34,50

Order your copy here.

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