Highlights from the collection

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum collection consists of over 12,000 cannabis related items. From cultivation to consumption, from ancient ritual to modern medicine, every aspect of cannabis in human culture is represented in some way.

Since the inception of the museum in 1985, the collection has grown steadily over the years. At present the collection is made up of historic and modern objects, relating to the past, present and future of medicinal marihuana, the history of hemp, the prohibition of cannabis, or the spiritual and cultural properties of the cannabis plant. The sections devoted to marihuana and hash, industrial hemp, medicine, and popular culture have expanded, and multimedia exhibits were added, with short films devoted to the political, historical, and industrial aspects of cannabis.

During your visit to the museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona you can see, for example: unique old master paintings by contemporaries of Rembrandt, antique devices used for hemp processing, botanical prints depicting marihuana and industrial hemp, atmospheric photos of hash making in various cultures, pipes from all over the world, nineteenth century medicinal cannabis bottles, rare 'Reefer Madness' books from the fifties, hemp ropes, old and modern textiles, pop culture paraphernalia (think of Cheech & Chong), state of the art bioplastic made of hemp fibre, etc. Prepare to be staggered by the enormous scope of the collection.

The unique status of the museum as a treasure-house of information has led to generous loans and donations from researchers and cannabis aficionados from all over the world. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to our collection.

Collection Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Popeye, one of the most famous cartoon characters of all times, might have been a cannabis lover. 

Collection Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Hash cafés were widespread in Greece, as French author Francis Carco learned during a visit to Athens in 1932.

Hash made with the aid of a sieve in Afghanistan.

Hash (also called hashish) is made from the sticky substance (trichomes) found on marijuana. Some methods are thousands of years old.

A peasant in Brittany (France) spins yarn from hemp fibre.

Did you know that industrial hemp is one of the oldest agricultural crops on earth? Learn all about the industrial use of hemp in our museums.

It is traditionally believed that the painting shows the artist, Adriaen Brouwer, with his friends.

The museum has a sizeable collection of unusual paintings, prints, drawings and photographs of people smoking: men and women, in their early twenties to eighties, from all walks of life.

Metal pipe from Africa.

The pipe was and is a favorite tool for smoking marihuana or hash. The museum collection includes a few hundred pipes, old and modern. The most beautiful are displayed in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Sails, rigging and ropes were made from hemp fibre.

Would the Netherlands have become an economic power in the Golden Age without hemp? The shipping industry certainly could not have survived without this plant 

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum collection.

Cannabis has long been smoked for recreational purposes, as our paintings and prints of smokers, produced by famous contemporaries of Rembrandt, depict so vividly

Pills with cannabis extract, made in New York.

Cannabis was widely used as an ingredient in nineteenth century medicine, during the golden age of its therapeutic use. The museums house a unique collection of cannabis medicine bottles.

The term Reefer Madness (derived from this film) often refers to the earliest years of the prohibition of marijuana, or to contemporary unfounded anti-cannabis claims of a hysterical nature.

Hash, marijuana and hemp are illegal in many countries. There has been a global War on Drugs for 80 years now. The museum also illustrates the history of prohibition.

Sergio Garcia

A recent addition to the collection is the sculpture “I Don’t Mean To Be Blunt” (2014) by the American artist/designer Sergio Garcia (1978).