Over the years, cannabis has been smoked using pipes by many different cultures. The oldest known pipes were discovered in a graveyard in Laos. They are approximately 3000 years old and were probably used for smoking cannabis.

On display in the museum

In the 17th century, the practice of smoking pipes filled with tobacco and hemp spread throughout Europe. The museum houses a few hundred pipes, the most beautiful of which are on display in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Richly embellished African pipes and typical Dutch pipes made of white limestone from the Golden Age are on display. Simple Asian pipes are displayed alongside hookahs, elegant oriental water pipes.

Pijp van meerschuim uit West-Europa. Het snijwerk verbeeldt de mythe van de beeldschone Leda die door de oppergod Jupiter (in de gedaante van een Zwaan) wordt genomen.

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Many of the displays in our museums are devoted to the cultural aspect of cannabis use. Pipes and smoking devices from all over the world demonstrate how different cultures have imbibed marijuana and hashish: they illustrate the various ways to smoke weed.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum collection.

Cannabis is massively popular as a recreational drug. Across the globe, people – alone or in groups – enjoy joints, pipes, bongs and hookahs packed with hash or marijuana.