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Are hemp seeds healthy?

Hemp seeds and our immune system.

Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids needed to keep your body in good health.

Hemp bliss balls

Photo: Danh Lastra.

“Hemp butter puts peanut butter to shame for nutritional value.”

Udo Erasmus

hemp plant

Photo: Joyce Wolthuis.

A source of energy

Hemp seed components

The proteins in hemp seeds can be digested more easily than all other plant proteins and they contain the perfect balance of essential oils. Hemp seeds contribute to a strong immune system, good health and vitality. 

Hemp seeds contain more essential fatty acids than any other plant. Essential fatty acids are responsible for our immune response (the manner in which our body responds to foreign and harmful bacteria, viruses and compounds) and contribute to our growth, vitality and mood. 

Hemp seed oil contains only 8% saturated fat. That’s very low, which is good news, because continued overconsumption of saturated fats causes heart and cardiovascular diseases. The oil extracted from hemp seeds contains 55% linoleic acid and 25% linolenic acid. These acids convert our food into energy and distribute it around the body. Only flax oil contains more linolenic acid (58%). 

Bread, cereal, salads and stews

Nature provides seeds with an outer shell that safely protects the vital oils and vitamins within from spoilage. The seed casing is a perfectly edible container. Hemp seeds can be ground into a paste similar to peanut butter only with a more delicate flavour. Nutritionist Udo Erasmus says “Hemp butter puts peanut butter to shame for nutritional value.” The ground seeds can be baked into breads, cakes and casseroles. Hemp seeds can also be added as a savoury addition to muesli bars.

The whole seed is a source of energy and hemp seeds foods taste great too!


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