We Are Mary Jane: Barcelona

Last year’s International Women’s Day marked the starting point of “We Are Mary Jane”, when the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum organized a festive event in Barcelona giving visibility to the female and feminist collective of the national and international cannabis sector.

The subsequent summer, “We Are Mary Jane” evolved into a temporary exhibition at the museum in Amsterdam, exploring the role of women in the world of cannabis from prehistoric times to the present day.

This spring, "We Are Mary Jane" returns to Barcelona after connecting with cannabis women from around the world. This is our tribute to all the women loving the cannabis plant.

"It’s we women [in the world] fighting today to defend the right to home cultivation. It’s the mothers who have raised their voices declaring that, even if they are persecuted, they will continue to treat their children affected by various pathologies with the plants grown in their garden. It’s we women being called to raise our voices in the face of patriarchal attempts to gain control of our plant, banning it exclusively to the industrial and commercial fields. It’s we women who know about the usefulness of the cannabis plant as an aid in the various stages of our feminine cycles, both as help during painful menstruations, and as a plant to assist in childbirth and to revitalize our sexual energy. Many times we were called witches for preserving this ancestral wisdom. We are living a wave of feminist revolution, and the liberation of cannabis is part of it.
-- Ana María Gazmuri, executive director of Fundación Daya

We Are Mary Jane
March 14 - September 29, 2019
Opening: Thursday March 14 from 7.00 to 9.30pm
Museum's ground floor, free entry

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