We are Mary Jane: Women of Cannabis

Women from all over the world are shaping the world of weed. As entrepreneurs. Activists. Experts. Visionaries. Or investors. According to some, the future of the cannabis plant is female!

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Find out why at “We are Mary Jane: Women of Cannabis”, a special exhibition in the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, located in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic city centre.

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Marry Jane expo by Floris Leeuwenberg

Extraordinary women

This special exhibition (open until 23 September) highlights extraordinary women who have shaped the modern cannabis world. It features Whoopi and Maya, a company co-founded by famous actress Whoopi Goldberg. Or get to know Mila Jansen, the ‘queen of hash’ who established a precursor of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. A unique photo series portrays female cannabis consumers: an ode to the diversity of the Amsterdam cannabis culture. Come and explore the world of women in weed!

Free entrance with a museum ticket (including an audio tour in 8 languages).

Whoopi & Maya

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