The ABC of CBD

The ABC of CBD
Advances Beyond Cannabis

Green gummybears, lollies, bars, shakes, capsules, or “just” drops: in all its forms, CBD promises help with many complaints. It’s a cannabis product that’s available at pharmacies, and it won’t make you ‘high’. For anyone who cares about their health, CBD is the discovery of the twenty first century. But what precisely is it? And what exactly does it do to the body?

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam proudly presents Europe’s first exhibition about CBD. In “The ABC of CBD”, the museum takes you on a journey through the many applications to the source of this mysterious molecule. 

No ‘high’
CBD (short for cannabidiol), is one of the active ingredients in cannabis, a herb which people have used for centuries thanks to its healing properties. In contrast to the psychoactive substance THC, CBD does not make you ‘high’. CBD is even prescribed to children to treat certain forms of epilepsy. Most of the CBD in products that are available in shops is extracted from industrial hemp, a form of cannabis that is naturally low in THC. In the Netherlands, hemp is legally grown by the company HempFlax.

Cannabis for wellness
In “The ABC of CBD” the museum turns the spotlight on the aspect of the cannabis plant that aids your body rather than expands your mind. CBD is primarily used for pain relief, to reduce tension, and against sleeplessness. Research into this substance is increasing, and the results all suggest the same: CBD has a positive effect on the body and contributes to a general feeling of wellbeing. However, the acceptance of CBD products is still challenged by the controversy that surrounds the cannabis plant, and its legal status worldwide. There is still a long way to go.

“The ABC of CBD” is a testimony to the multifaceted nature of the cannabis plant. This exhibition is The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum’s contribution to an awareness that cannabis stands for wellness.   

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