La Hierba de las Maravillas

For the first time, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum will host a pop-up exhibition at the cannabis fair Spannabis in Madrid, which will take place at Pabellón de Cristal from October 13 to 15. The museum has been invited by Spannabis to occupy a space of 100 square metres at the intermediate level of the fair. For the exhibit entitled “La Hierba de las Maravillas”, the museum has selected works from its collection to focus on historical, traditional and contemporary uses of the cannabis plant. Teasers from the museum’s current temporary exhibitions “The Pope Smokes Dope” and “Cannabis Cuisine” will further engage the fair visitors.

Ben Dronkers, founder of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Sensi Seeds (the world’s oldest cannabis seed bank) and HempFlax (the leading European industrial hemp processing company), states: “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to spread our passion for cannabis on such a wide-ranging platform as Spannabis Madrid, enabling many people to admire the numerous sides of this plant.”

Conference ‘Cannabis Cuisine’

On Saturday October 14 at 1.30 p.m., at the World Cannabis Conferences during Spannabis Madrid, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum presents a lecture that explores the history of cannabis edibles. Private chef Xavi Petit will show us how to set the table for a contemporary dinner full of hemp.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum manages and exhibits a unique collection of more than 12,000 objects related to all aspects of the cannabis plant. From cultivation to consumption, from ancient ritual to modern medicine, every aspect of cannabis in human culture is represented in some way in our two venues: a canal house in downtown Amsterdam and a Modernista palace in Barcelona. And this autumn, the museum will visit Madrid during the three days of the Spannabis fair.

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