First museum on cannabis in South America opens its doors

Located in the heart of the Palermo neighbourhood, the epicentre of candombe, and a few minutes from the centre of Montevideo, the Museo de Cannabis de Montevideo (Cannabis Museum Montevideo) will open its doors to the public on December 9. This remarkable project is as a way to celebrate the rich history of liberties that Uruguay has enjoyed in the past and continues to develop in the present.

Global circuit
Managing the museum is the Uruguayan agronomist Eduardo Blasina, who earned one of the two legal growing licenses in the country. He points out that the museum places the country in a global circuit that includes Amsterdam, Barcelona and California. "It's a way of connecting people who love nature, art and science," concludes the director.

The Museo de Cannabis de Montevideo is supported by the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum (Amsterdam/Barcelona), which has provided a special loan of objects from the collection that can be seen in Montevideo starting in December. These objects were earlier displayed during the temporary exhibition Cannabis. A forbidden Plant (2014) in Matilha Cultural in Sao Paolo (Brazil), which later travelled to Montevideo where is was presented in the Casa Bertolt Brecht (2015).

Peaceful and sustainable world
In the Museo de Cannabis de Montevideo, visitors will discover the amazing versatility of cannabis, which throughout history has provided humans with food, clothing, paper, nets and medicines, among other uses. "It will be an enriching experience for visitors, whether or not they are familiar with the plant. A trip to one of the oldest crops in the world, which will undoubtedly be one of the most important plants of the third millennium for its medicinal properties, new industrial uses and its great carbon balance", says Blasina.

The MCM encourages reflection on the multiple uses that a plant can have and its implications for the challenging times humans confronts in this century of clash of civilizations and climate change. It also stimulates an independent national research that reinforces the potential of a natural an agro-intelligent Uruguay, as well as reflections on the importance of science and art. The museum hopes to receive people from around the world and start a global dialogue about how to build a peaceful and sustainable world.

Celebration of freedom
The Cannabis Museum Montevideo aims to be a space for celebration of the freedom that characterizes the Uruguayan people. From divorce and the female vote at the beginning of the 20th century, to equal marriage and Cannabis regulation at the beginning of the 21st century, Uruguayan legislation has been exemplary in organizing a society on the basis of respect for human rights. Uruguay democracy is going through a unique experiment in the world: it is the first country to have free and regulated cannabis production. The MCM wants to demonstrate to the world that freedom brings peace and development.

Garden and cafeteria
The visitor will also be able to contemplate the plants of yerba mate, cactus and native fruit trees that inhabit the small ethnobotanical garden of the museum. A yerba mate bar-cafeteria will function as a restaurant at night. On the main floor, the multilingual library will be available to deepen and share the knowledge about cannabis, cactus and many other topics. Souvenirs will be sold in a special gift shop.

For additional information please contact Mr. Eduardo Blasina:
Museo de Cannabis de Montevideo | Durazno 1784 | Tel: 098 720 721 

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