Exhibition in São Paulo

The Museum stages the first exhibition on cannabis in Latin America, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, entitled Cannabis. A Forbidden History (14 May - 4 July 2014).

A unique partnership between Matilha Cultural, an independent culture center located in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum (Amsterdam/Barcelona), is bringing, for the first time in Latin America, an exhibition about the cannabis plant: History of Cannabis, a Forbidden Plant. The project involves a documentary and artistic presentation on Cannabis Sativa L. – also known as hemp or marijuana – and its numerous traditional and contemporary uses. This groundbreaking project is hosted on a significant moment in the drug policy debate in Latin America and the world, with many countries worldwide reconsidering their policies regarding cannabis. In Brazil, the war on drugs is especially harmful, and the country has the 4th largest incarcerated population in the world and a record of 50,000 homicides per year, mostly due to drug- related crimes.

Exclusively designed collages cover cannabis history on four themes: medical, industrial, cultural and prohibition. These are complemented by historic and modern objects from the collection of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum: old medicine bottles, antique hemp processing tools, rare reefer madness books from the fifties, hemp ropes, old and modern textiles and state of the art bioplastic made of hemp fiber, as well as photos and documents. During the exhibition, a series of debates and lectures, as well as movies and documentaries related to the issue will be presented at Matilha’s facilities.

Ben Dronkers, founder of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Sensi Seeds (the oldest and one of the largest cannabis seed banks in Europe) and HempFlax (a Dutch company which grows and processes hemp fiber for industrial use) states: “We are thrilled to have this opportunity in Latin America to spread knowledge about cannabis and appreciation for the history, present and future of this exceptional plant.”

“We believe that this project can educate the people on the history and diverse traditional uses of the cannabis plant, which are largely unknown to the Brazilian people. By doing so, it directly contributes to break taboos and normalize the discussion on drugs, so that we can in fact develop policies that guarantee public health, citizen security and quality of life to the population. This project is not about promoting cannabis use, but rather bringing on a debate on the current cannabis laws that seem to cause more social harm than the consumption of the drug”, says Rebeca Lerer from Matilha Cultural. “We desperately need to address the end of the war on drugs to reduce violence in this country”.

Opening: 13/05/2014, 7 pm
On Show: May 14th  – July 4th 2014
Free entrance for adults (18+) – dogs are welcome

Rua Rego Freitas, 542 – São Paulo/SP - Brazil
Tel.: + 55 (11) 3256-2636
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12h - 20h/ Saturdays: 14h - 20h
Wi-fi Free

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