Cannabis Culture Awards 2013

On Tuesday, 23rd April 2013, the Cannabis Culture Awards 2013 were held at the Bethaniënklooster (Bethany Convent) in Amsterdam.

This year’s winners are former Dutch party leader of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) Frits Bolkestein, and the creators of the Dutch television show Spuiten en Slikken. They received the awards in the presence of a selected number of guests and journalists from home and abroad.

Spuiten en Slikken

The Dutch television show Spuiten en Slikken by broadcaster BNN received the Cannabis Culture Award because it opened up the debate about (among other things) soft drugs in an original, authentic and innovative way.

Frits Bolkestein

Frits Bolkestein received the award because of his position against a ban on cannabis. He noted that the U.S. war on drugs has led to huge revenues for the Mafia. In his acceptance speech Bolkestein made an elegant plea for the legalisation and regulation of the growth, trade and consumption of soft drugs. Prohibition does significantly more damage than the plant itself. 

Read a full report of the day here.

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