Be.e hemp scooter

The Museum in Amsterdam is proud to present a new, very special temporary exhibit: a prototype of Be.e with its frame constructed of hemp fibres.

The Be.e is the first electric scooter in the world with a frame constructed of hemp fibres (90%), flax fibres (10%) and organic resin. The Be.e was developed by Dutch designer Vaniek Colenbrander with his company Van.Eko. The design is by Waarmakers. The museum is very proud to have been given the opportunity to exhibit one of only four prototypes of this modern Dutch design. The scooter fits in perfectly with the museum's mission to display the many applications of the hemp plants to the approximately 100,000 visitors it receives each year from all over the world.

The use of hemp in sustainable products is increasing among progressive designers and manufacturers with a heart for the environment. The Be.e is the first scooter in which exclusively bio-based materials have been used to construct the frame. That's not all, the Be.e is electric, too. The powerful 4kW engine can do 0 to 50km/h (31miles/h) in 6 seconds. At this speed the Be.e uses less energy than the average vacuum cleaner, and is completely silent too. The scooter can travel 80 kilometres (50 miles) if the 2.5Wh battery is used economically, and 60 kilometres (37 miles) if the battery is used more intensively. In short, the Be.e is a reliable and speedy electric scooter with a finish, quality and iconic design that puts it miles ahead of the mass-produced competition from China. 

The hemp fibres in the frame of this scooter are supplied by HempFlax, an affiliate of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp museum that cultivates industrial hemp in the north of the Netherlands. HempFlax also supplies hemp fibres for door panels to car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and Bugatti. As hemp cultivation can be extremely environmentally friendly – requiring no pesticides, only sun, wind and water – the plant is pre-eminently suitable for the realisation of a sustainable future Hemp plastic is both extremely light and extremely strong and, like other bio-composite plastics, can be used to manufacture strong, complex products that are both lightweight and sustainable.

Before the Be.e can be put into production, a few last steps are needed in the development of the scooter. Everyone is invited to contribute to putting the finishing touches to the scooter, by participating in the crowdfunding campaign. Investing in the scooter is possible from just €20. So far, €23,000 has been invested, which is 30% of the target. For full details see here.

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