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Sensi Seed Bank

Sensi Seeds is the oldest of the many cannabis seed companies in business today. Sensi Seeds was founded in 1985 by Ben Dronkers and thanks to years of experience, the business supplies the ultimate seeds for medicinal cannabis and is also the most popular seed producer amongst private growers.

The reputation of Sensi Seeds strains is undisputed and the company is recommended time and again by leading specialists in this field. Even more importantly: thousands of satisfied clients return time after time.

For quality seeds, come to Sensi Seeds, because Sensi Seeds knows that seeds are the most important investment growers make.

For the full range of Sensi Seeds products, please visit the website.


HempFlax, founded by museum director Ben Dronkers in 1994, is situated in the north of the Netherlands (in Oude Pekela) and specialises in the processing and production of environmentally friendly products: semi-manufactured and final products made from industrial hemp. It is the only hemp production business in the Netherlands and a global pioneer in this sector.

HempFlax manufactures affordable, modern and natural hemp products and thus contributes to a sustainable future; good for people and the environment. HempFlax products are produced by means of eco-friendly methods. 

By continually innovating and improving the development of renewable natural fibre products, HempFlax stands at the foundation of a sustainable industrial chain.

For the full range of HempFlax products, please visit the website.

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