Cannabis Culture Awards

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Amsterdam/Barcelona presents the Cannabis Culture Awards annually to individuals and organisations that have campaigned – in the frontlines or as a driving force- for the acceptance of cannabis in all its forms and for the reintroduction of marijuana and hemp to modern society. It is precisely thanks to this often groundbreaking work that the rich heritage of the plant is unfolding more and more and that its future is being secured.

Previous winners

The Cannabis Culture Awards, previously known as the Cannabis Culture Prize, was established in 2004 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ben Dronkers. Winners in previous years include, among others, former Prime Minister Dries van Agt, entrepreneur Richard Branson (on behalf of The Global Commission on Drug Policy), poet Simon Vinkenoog, activist Jack Herer, author Ed Rosenthal, entrepreneur Henk de Vries, People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy politician Frits Bolkestein and BNN television programme Spuiten en Slikken.

An example to us all

The campaign for recognition of the plant and a sensible approach to issues surrounding the legalisation of soft drugs rises or falls according to public figures who dare to speak out and air their sometimes controversial views. The Cannabis Culture Awards are presented to people and organisations that repeatedly refuse to shy away from the debate on the legalisation of cannabis. Their dedication, perseverance and vision serves as an example to us all.

It is more important than ever to recognise those that have brought about a change in the perception of this unjustly reviled plant, particularly at a time in which the drugs debate is being characterised globally by hope and optimism.

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