Cannabis College

The Cannabis College

The Cannabis College in Amsterdam – located along the same canal as the museum – is an information and advice centre that campaigns for the acceptance and responsible use of cannabis. In the college – established by Henk Poncin in 1998 – you can consult a freely accessible magazine and press archive, view informative documentaries and find all kinds of documentation about   the diverse uses of cannabis and hemp.

For all your cannabis-related questions

While there is much to see and read in the museum, you can also direct all your questions to the highly knowledgeable team at the Cannabis College, who will help you to find answers and can often supply them directly. For example,  you may have concerns about the quality of particular marijuana or hash in Amsterdam, or you are considering medicinal use of marijuana and are unsure of the benefits and side effects. You can also find out about international legislation and laws surrounding  cannabis. The team is well-informed regarding the most current research in this area, and will certainly be able to assist you. In the basement, there is a small nursery with living, flowering plants that can be viewed for a small donation. The Cannabis College is activist by nature and has participated in many events and demonstrations over the past few decades, nationally and internationally.

Visit the Cannabis College after the museum

The Cannabis College is a registered non-profit organisation and is dependent on donations and sponsors in order to continue its work. The parent company of the museum, Sensi Seeds, supports a range of international initiatives and is proud to be one of the biggest sponsors of the Cannabis College. Given that the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum is located only metres further along the canal, ties are close. We recommend that everyone pays a visit to the Cannabis College after visiting the museum.

Read more about the Cannabis College at their website.


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